Reswitch 2.2

Dashmir Osmani
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Release notes 2.2

  • Update live: 2024-06-11
  • Platforms: All

What's new?

  • As the next step in making organizations more efficient, we’ve now added the capability to search all your transcribed calls via the search bar. Search for a specific keyword or sentence and choose between Personal or Answer Group calls.

    Search voicemail.png
  • We have taken our integration with Upsales to the next level and made CTI available via our Insights. When active, you can now use the native Upsales phone with click-to-call integration. All calls are, of course, logged as usual.
  • To ensure you have all the metrics needed, we designed a couple of new wallboards for you to enjoy!

    These include:
    1. Answer Group, Single - leaderboard
    2. Users - metrics
    3. Users - leaderboard
  • Analytics is now placed under a new permission called Features, in order to separate it from everything included in the Phone System.
    1. Setting for phone number format on calls from own country code available. The two options looks like this: 070-000 00 00 & +46 70 000 00 00. This will apply everywhere we display numbers in the app, e.g., call logs, contact cards, etc.
    2. Mute button available on minimized calls
    3. Calendar event color selection and sync now available for Google Calendar



Fixes & changes

    • Fixed so integration is put into timeout if rate limit is hit to give it time to generate some tokens
    • Reworked and increased cache for contact associations to reduce the amount of api calls that are made when opening and scrolling through a contacts activities
    • No Agents Available interactive toast is now the default toast used
    • Fixed issue with anonymous callers not being able to initiate callback requests (Patched 18/4 12:15)
    • Fixed issue with sound files not being played for callback messages (Patched 18/4 12:15)
    • Prevent callers from initiating callback requests to paid numbers and certain countries (Patched 18/4 12:15)
    • Fixed issue with manual callback calls still triggering the "Waiting time alert" after being handled (Patched 3/5 12:15)
    • Updated to work with new regulations for authentication taking effect May 1st, read more here. (Patched 25/4 12:15)
    • Fixed a problem where muting the speaker in a call could lead to a slight audio delay

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